Hey Hey I’m S.Kay!

I’m a Graphic Designer and Front - End Developer of sorts from Toronto.

I offer a series of graphic design and front-end web development services. I can design web and print graphics and support you with getting your website set up and maintained especially using WordPress and Shopify. I understand and can properly write HTML & CSS and some Javascript for projects.

I have a degree in Communications and work 9 to 5 in the web and digital marketing space. 

I'm the artsy type and creating is my passion. It’s what gets me up in the morning, and keeps me up at night. Whether I’m developing a website, taking pictures, designing graphics or fine tuning my coding skills, you will pretty much always find me working on something creative.

I consume and collect a lot of trending digital content daily. That means I stay on the beat of what's going on. Like any artist I'm always searching for inspiration. Through this I've developed an eye for trends and modern solutions that I work to apply to my ongoing projects. 

Off the computer you can catch me trying new things in the kitchen, taking pictures, listening to music, working on one of my many projects or out exploring and travelling.

Yellow gives me life. Pink feeds my girlyness and purple makes its reign!